Adding Multiple Ship-To Locations

Add multiple ship-to locations in ShopBlue.

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How to Add Multiple Ship-to Locations

1. Proceed to Checkout

When you have completed shopping and are ready to checkout, proceed to checkout from your shopping cart (Figure 1).

Figure 1 of setting add multiple shipping address.

Figure 1

2.Select Shipping Tab

Before you place the order, navigate to the shipping information by selecting the “Shipping” tab (Figure 2).

Figure 2 of add multiple shipping addresses.

Figure 2

3. Change the Ship-to Location

On the shipping page in the “Lines” section, select the “Edit” button to change the ship-to location for that line (Figure 3).

Note: the ship-to location for each line will automatically default to be the same as the ship-to on the header of the requisition.

Figure 3 of adding multiple shiiping address.

Figure 3

4. Edit Ship-to Location Information

A pop-up will appear. You can edit ship-to information (Figure 4):

  • Access the drop-down menu to select one of your saved shipping addresses.
  • Click to enter a new address.
  • If you only wish to change the attention person, building, or room, edit the details.
Figure 4 of add multiple address steps.

Figure 4

5. Update the Ship-to Location Information

Select “Update” when the appropriate address has been entered.

6. Review Updated Ship-to Information

After you have changed the ship-to addresses for the appropriate lines, the header ship-to will be removed, and the updated ship-to locations will appear on the corresponding lines (Figure 5).

Figure 5 of add multiple shipping address steps.

Figure 5