Using Presence

Let others know if you're available for contact, or check to see if a colleague is free.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff  

Last Updated: December 3, 2019

UB phones offer at-a-glance status of devices and lines. Cisco Jabber enriches this by sharing availability details, allowing others to know when you are available, busy or do no wish to be disturbed.

Set Your Status

  • Choose the green or checkmark icon to tell others you're available for calls or messages.
  • Choose the yellow or horizontal stripe icon to let others know you are busy and will get back to them later.
  • Choose the red icon with a slash to let others know to not interrupt (do not disturb).

When you select Do Not Disturb, your UB Phone telephone number switches to Do Not Disturb. Neither your UB Phone nor Jabber will ring. If you only want to silence your UB Phone, select Do Not Disturb (DND) from the UB Phone's softkeys.

Automatic Status

Jabber for Windows and Jabber for Mac can adjust your status automatically, if they are running:

  • Your status is set to Away when you lock your computer or it is idle
  • If you use Outlook or Google Calendar,  your status is set to show you're in a meeting when meetings are scheduled in your calendar
  • When you're on a call or in a conference, your status reflects that you are busy

Automatically Indicate Out of Office When Not Active or Computer Locked

  1. Open the Jabber hub.
  2. Click the gear menu and choose Options.
  3. Select Status.
  4. Check Show me as 'Away' if not active for minutes and choose a length of time.
  5. Check Show me as 'Away' when I lock my computer if you want to let others know you are away when your computer is locked.
  6. Click OK.

See Status of Others

With Jabber, you can see the status of any other UB Phone and UB Jabber user. Either search for the person you want to reach or add them to your roster.

Check a Colleague's Status

Search for the person you are trying to reach to view their status, or add them to your roster for a bird's eye view.

A Bird's Eye View

Sort your roster by status to easily see if your colleagues and coworkers are available.

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