Your Roster

Build a list of frequent contacts to see their status, invite to a meeting, reach out with chat or quickly click to place a phone call.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: October 9, 2018

The main Jabber application window centers around your roster. Add your contacts to the roster from your calls list or from email addresses of colleagues at UB. Organize your contacts by groups to gain access to features like sending email to a team.

Adding Contacts

From File > New > Contact, enter the email address of a UB colleague, or an external XMPP user.

  1. Verify the contact you want to add to your roster
  2. Choose Add contact.

If you've already created a new group, select it from the drop-down list or select New Group if you want to create a new group to help organize your contacts.

In order to see the presence of a person from an outside organization that uses XMPP chat, they must accept your request. Similarly, if an external person adds you to their roster, you will be prompted to accept their request before they can see your status.

Adding Groups

To create a new group to keep your contacts organized, select File > New > Group. Contacts can exist in multiple groups.

Copy a contact from an existing group to another by using the context menu when selecting the contact.

Availability of Your Contacts

Your contacts display a Presence icon, which shows their availability status. Contacts that add you to their roster see your Presence icon.

Check the Presence to see the status of your contact before reaching out.

Contacts who use UB Jabber display more information than those who only use UB Phone. People who use UB Phone cannot see your Jabber Presence from their phone, only the status of your UB Phone telephone number.

Advanced Features

Custom Contacts

Put frequently called contacts on your Roster to provide quick speed dial access. Jabber will match the calling number of contacts you add and will show you the display name you enter, to help you better know who is calling.

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