Access Your UB Voicemail in Jabber

Use Jabber to listen to your UB voicemail at your office or on the go.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

Jabber connects to your personal UB voicemail account to allow a quick review, playback and management of your voicemail messages.

Jabber does not display the contents of departmental voicemail, or voicemail from lines other than your personal UB Phone telephone number. Jabber also does not display the contents of voicemail for those who forward UB voicemail to email.

  1. Select the Voicemail icon in the Jabber Hub.
  2. The voicemail icon will display a red circle with the number of unread messages if there are any in the UB Voicemail box.
  3. After selecting the voicemail icon, you will see a list of messages. Newest messages are displayed first. Unread messages are bold, read messages are regular weight text.
  4. Deleted messages are temporarily stored in a separate folder. To see them, select the All drop-down in the top left corner and select Deleted.
  5. Choose Unread from the drop-down to view only your unread messages.
  6. To play your messages:
    • By Playing Online:
      1. Click the voicemail message you want to hear
      2. Click the Play button
    • By Calling In:
      1. Click the Call voicemail link
      2. Click the Show Keypad icon
      3. Using the displayed keypad, enter your UB voicemail PIN followed by the # key
      4. Using the displayed keypad, press 1 to hear your new voicemail messages

Forwarding and Deleting Your UB Voicemail

  • Jabber Mobile: Limited to Forward and Delete, found by pressing More after selecting a voicemail message.
  • Jabber for Desktop: Also includes schedule meeting, send email, add contact  and view profile.

Deleting Messages

  1. To delete messages:
    • Jabber for Desktop: To delete messages, press 3 on either the displayed keypad or your computer's keyboard after playing the message.
    • Jabber Mobile:select More and then Delete.
  2. Deleted messages are moved to the Deleted folder for 7 days.

Forwarding Messages

  1. Choose Forward.
  2. Search UB Voicemail customers.
  3. Add an introduction.
  4. Send the message.

Returning Calls

  • Jabber Mobile: Select Call Back.
  • Jabber for Desktop: Select Call or Call With Edit from the context menu, or or hover over the message to open a Contact Card and select the green phone icon.
Still need help?

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