Set Your Availability Status with Jabber

Learn how to set your availability status to AvailableAway or Do Not Disturb, or how to opt out of displaying your status.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh

Applies to: UB faculty and staff

Last Updated: July 19, 2018

Set Your Status

  1. On the Jabber hub, click the icon status 
  2. Choose any of the 3 presence states (use custom text to describe the status if desired)

NOTE: Setting availability to Do Not Disturb may cause your phone to also enter Do Not Disturb Mode. If someone is in Do Not Disturb Mode and you attempt to chat, they will not hear noises and may not see the message.

Availability Based on Outlook Calendar State

Availability Status
Outlook Calendar State IM and Presence State
Free/Tentative Available
Busy In a meeting
Out of Office (desktop client) Away
Away (web app) Away

NOTE: Out of Office is based on calendar status and not auto-responder settings.     

Turn Off Availability Display (Opt Out)

  1. From a University network, log into the Unified Communications Self-Care Portal
  2. Select the IM & Availability tab
  3. Under Status Policy, de-select Automatically update status when there is a meeting on my calendar

To re-enable this feature, follow the steps above and re-select Automatically update status when there is a meeting on my calendar

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