Multiple Phone Lines with Jabber

Learn about the multiline feature to use up to 8 unique phone numbers with Jabber.

Operating System: Windows, Macintosh (Multiple phone lines are not available on Cisco Jabber for Tablet, Dual Mode for Apple iOS or Dual Mode for Google Android. As a workaround, use the Hunt Group feature instead.)

Applies to: UB faculty and staff  

Last Updated: August 12, 2020

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Up to 8 phone lines can be configured on a Unified Client Services Framework device, which is used by Cisco Jabber for Windows and Cisco Jabber for Mac.

Feature support

Use Multiline to:

  • Select a preferred line for making calls
  • View missed calls and voicemails
  • Use call forwarding, transfers, and conference calls on all lines.

Multiline supports the following features on all lines:

  • Far End Camera Control (FECC)
  • Binary Floor Control Protocol (BFCP)
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Recording and Silent Monitoring
  • Shared Lines, Dial Rules, and Directory Lookup
  • Accessory Manager

Provisioning multiple lines

  1. File a Modify Telephone Services request, and request up to 7 additional lines be added to your Cisco Jabber for Desktop configuration.
  2. Network and Communications Systems will add additional lines. When these lines become available Cisco Jabber will change the way the user interface looks to add a line indicator.

Lines are configured the same as with all devices, with the same restrictions, policies, and guidance.

How to use multiline Jabber

  1. Review the line indicator to see if it is on the line you wish to use. The Jabber Hub will display the line indicator and extension currently in use.  Other areas of the application will display only the colored line indicator, or a text representation. 
  2. Select any of the drop-down enabled line indicator selectors, and choose the line you wish to use for the function at hand.

For example, to place a call from line 3 in your Jabber client:

  1. From any of the open the drop down at the bottom of the window
  2. Select the 3 indicator next to line three
  3. Enter the phone number for the line you wish to call or search for the person by name
  4. Press Enter or click the call button.


Line indicator

Cisco Jabber provides visual guidance as to which telephone lines are available, and which is in use. This is often a graphical symbol that contains the line number. It is colorized for each line.

If your lines have a Line Text Label, by request it will be displayed next to the line number.

Recents display

The Recents display will display the line indicator symbol next to calls made or received from the Jabber client, to allow you to see which line it was on.

Incoming calls

Incoming calls display a banner indicating which line, including the label (if applied) the call has come in on. You can set different ringtones for multiple lines with Jabber 12.9.0.

Conversation window

When placing or receiving a call from a line within Jabber, the conversation window displays the line number in use in a textual representation.

For example: When using the primary line to place a call, a 1 appears next to that call to indicate which line it is on.

Restrictions and caveats

  • You will only see a line indicator if more than one line is configured for your Jabber client.
  • You will only see a line indictor for lines which have been configured for your Jabber client.
  • The Jabber voicemail tab only displays mail for the currently signed in primary voicemail account, not voicemail for a line. Only your voice messages will be seen in the voicemail tab, which include any messages distributed to your voice messaging inbox by system distribution.

The following features are available only on the primary line:

  • Call pickup
  • Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) control
  • Extend and connect
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