Healthy Eating

As a busy college student, you want to eat well. With nutritious on-campus meals, cooking workshops and more, we’re here to help you feel your best.

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Tips for Eating Well

  • Plan ahead — bring food with you on the go to save money and stay healthy
  • Add fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned, dried) — because they’re delicious, nutritious and can help you feel good!    
  • Reject diet culture — learn about intuitive eating and understand body diversity
  • Diversify your food choices — it's good for you, and the Earth
Build Healthy Eating Habits

Are you making every bite count? Learn how to eat healthy with

Access to Food Preparing Meals Eating Patterns

Healthy Eating Means Healthy Eating Patterns

Rather than judging a single food as “healthy” or “unhealthy”, zoom out to consider what one tends to eat over time. This means all foods can fit, pleasurable foods that may not have many nutrients but we enjoy them (o.k.!) as well as plenty of whole foods that have lots of nutrition (natural color=nutrients). See MyPlate for more guidance. 

Snacking Tuesdays

Convenient access to fresh fruit. Grab a snack. Elevate your mood. Feed your body.

Free Fruit Available Weekly

Different fruits available every Tuesday on North Campus and Wednesdays on South Campus.


North Campus (Tuesdays)

  • Health Promotion 114 SU
  • Campus Living, 106 Red Jacket
  • Counseling Services, 120 Richmond
  • Parking & Transportation, 106 Spaulding
  • Student Union Welcome Booth, SU Lobby
  • Student Unions, 235 SU
  • Intercultural & Diversity Center, 240 SU
  • Student Engagement Office, 150 SU
  • International Student Services, 210 Talbert
  • Tutoring & Academic Student Services, 130 Capen
  • Student Support Services, 209 Baldy
  • Career Design Center, 259 Capen
  • Accessibility Resources, 60 Capen
  • Educational Opportunity Center, 215 Norton
  • Residential Fitness Centers (Richmond, Roosevelt on North Campus; Goodyear on South Campus)
  • WISE (Women in Science & Engineering), 126 Bell
  • Veteran's Lounge, SU 321

South Campus (Wednesdays)

  • 1 Diefendorf
  • Diefendorf, Student Lounge
  • Pharmacy School, 1st floor cafe area
  • Nursing School, Wende Hall, Lounge
  • Hayes Hall, School of Architecture, Library lounge, 2nd floor cafe area
  • Kimball Tower, 1st Floor

For more services and opportunities like this:

Nutrition Counseling

Meet with UB’s registered dietitian to assess your current lifestyle and get individual nutrition counseling. We offer guidance on nutrition-related medical concerns, as well as provide support regarding eating on campus, body image, saving money on food and more. We promote a non-diet approach to eating that encourages self-compassion, diverse foods and body acceptance. We seek to encourage eating well and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Upcoming Workshops

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Eating Disorders

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder — including anorexia or bulimia — we have an Eating Disorders Team that can offer the counseling, medical care and nutritional support you need.

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