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As a busy college student, you want to eat well. With nutritious on-campus meals, cooking workshops and more, we’re here to help you feel your best.

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Tips for Eating Well

  • Plan ahead — bring food with you on the go to save money and stay healthy
  • Add fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen, canned, dried) — because they’re delicious, nutritious and can help you feel good!    
  • Reject diet culture — learn about intuitive eating and understand body diversity
  • Diversify your food choices — it's good for you, and the Earth

Eating Well at UB

Access to Food Preparing Meals Eating Patterns

Start Slowly

College students are busy, yet now is an ideal time to establish good eating patterns and learn or develop the skill of making your own meals. Meals can be as simple or more involved. Ideally, include three food groups, grains, protein and fruit and/or vegetables, and some fat, to boost health and feel satisfied. Start slowly by making a few meals on your own when you have time. Tap your family for recipe favorites or discover your own. Add diversity over time. Cooking can help you save money, improve health, make social connections and give you more control over what you eat.

Eating Sustainably

Eat more plant-based foods. 

Everything we do has a carbon footprint, including eating. Plant-based diets are less taxing on the environment. Including more plant-based foods/meals is good for your health, and the earth.

Preventing Food Waste

Check what you have on hand before making a shopping list. The acronym “FIFO” is helpful—the first food that you’ve brought into your home should be the first food you take out when you’re making your meals. Dates on food packages typically refer to “best quality” of the food by the manufacturer, and not necessarily the safety of the product (with the exception of baby food). Food may be safe to eat well past the dates on the packaging.

Meet With a Dietitian for Nutrition Counseling

Meet with UB’s registered dietitian to assess your current lifestyle and get individual nutrition counseling. We offer guidance on nutrition-related medical concerns, as well as provide support regarding eating on campus, body image, saving money on food and more. We promote a non-diet approach to eating thatencourages self-compassion, diverse foods and body acceptance. We seek to encourage eating well and enjoying an active lifestyle.

Eating Disorders

If you or someone you know has an eating disorder — including anorexia or bulimia — we have an Eating Disorders Team that can offer the counseling, medical care and nutritional support you need.

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Opportunities to Learn About Healthy Eating

At UB, you can discover new foods, take a nutrition class, learn how to cook and join a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.

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