Surgical Services and Post-Mortems

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Surgical Services

Veterinarians can be "hired" to perform surgery as part of a research protocol. They also can assist, consult, or provide training on surgical techniques and instrumentation. 

They can advise you, at no cost, on the following:

  • suture material;
  • suture pattern;
  • anesthetic monitoring;
  • equipment selection; and
  • post operative care.

Post Mortems

Veterinarians are available to perform PMs (or necropsies). All animals that die unexpectedly are necropsied to ensure the disease-free integrity of the animal facilities. A Post Mortem Report will be sent to the principle investigator (owner of the animal), concluding the cause of death. There is no fee for this service.

We supplement the diagnosis with lab tests (serology, bacteriology) and a histopathology performed by board-certified, lab-animal pathologists.

In addition, we can collect tissues or perform a PM as part of a research project.

Anesthesia and Analgesia Dosages

To assist with your procedures, the CM-LAF offers a chart indicating appropriate doses of anesthetics and analgesics for common lab animals.