Consultation, Advice and IACUC Protocol Review

The university's CM-LAF provides veterinarians who offer many services to researchers, including protocol review, consultation and surgery. 

IACUC Protocol Review

Veterinarians can expedite the process by checking your protocols before you submit them to the IACUC for review. They also can advise you on drug dosages, anesthetic regimes, monitoring programs, supportive care, post-operative care and housing. We encourage researchers and technicians to take advantage of this free service.

Consultation / Advice

Board certified (American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine) veterinarians are available to advise researchers on:

  • The IACUC protocol completion & review
  • Anesthetic & analgesic regime selection
  • Drug dosages
  • Animal model selection
  • Surgical methods & instrumentation
  • Animal handling
  • Zoonotic diseases
  • Monitoring charts/programs

Free consultations can be made over the phone, in person or in your lab.