In the CM-LAF, we identify and track all animals through a cage card. For many species, especially those covered by the Animal Welfare Act (USDA Covered Species), the cage tag combined with tattoos, bands and tags makes it easy to identify an individual animal. It is more difficult with the smaller laboratory animals so we use methods common among research institutions to identify the individual animals. This is particularly important during the genotyping process.

Ear Punching

ear punching charts for animal research.

Ear Tags

Ear Tags for animal research.

Neonatal & Adult Tattooing


All these methods have been or are being used at UB. We also have used implantable chips. While costly, it ensures proper identification and may provide additional information such as body temperature.

These are some of the more commonly used methods of identification. If you have questions or would like to use an alternative method, please contact veterinary service or the facility manager.