UBmail aliases

Learn how to request and manage a UBmail alias, an email address with no mailbox that forwards mail to other email addresses. Aliases are available for any email system at UB.

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Common uses for UBmail aliases

  • Deliver email to multiple email addresses. 
  • Subscribe to Listserv lists, and be members of Exchange distribution lists.
  • Customer service email contacts instead of an employee’s email address. 
  • Deliver email intended for a specific role or office without associating that role with an individual's UBITName, e.g., mgt-dean@buffalo.edu.

UBmail alias roles


  • Usually the person who requested the alias. There can only be one owner.
  • Responsible for the alias.
  • Changes to the alias such as adding or deleting alias members (forwarding addresses) must be requested or approved by the alias owner.
  • When an alias owner leaves the university a new owner must be assigned by the responsible department or organization.


  • Optional administrators for the UBmail Alias who can add or remove members.


  • Receive email messages sent to the UBmail Alias.
  • Owners and Managers must be added as members if they want to receive copies of the messages sent to the UBmail Alias.

Alias requirements

  • Must use only alphanumeric characters and hyphens
  • Should begin with a 2 or 3 letter official UB departmental entity code
  • Cannot conflict with a UBITName

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