Administrative UBITNames

Faculty and staff may request an Administrative UBITName to use for conducting university business, such as sending email from a service-named account or logging into resources.


Each Administrative UBITName must be assigned to one sponsor, but more than one person can use it.

Administrative UBITNames may not:

  • Exceed 8 characters in length
  • Be the same as any current or former UBITName or Unix group
  • Contain special characters such as $, # and *

Expiration and Renewal

Administrative UBITNames are created with 2, 6 or 12 month expiration dates and can be renewed annually. As the expiration date for your Administrative UBITName approaches, a reminder email will be sent to the Administrative UBITName's mailbox.


Like standard UBITNames, Administrative UBITNames are activated by the sponsor using the "UBITName Manager," a self-service Web page. The only difference is that the following information will be that of the Administrative UBITName's sponsor:

  • Last four of Person Number
  • Birth month (MM)

Changing and Recovering the Password

If you forgot the Administrative UBITName password, have the sponsor contact the UBIT Help Center and request it be reset.

Note: Password resets for Administrative UBITNames do not follow the same process as UBITNames, they do not require an identity assurance but the sponsor must make the request.

Password Management

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.