Safe Links - UBmail (Exchange Online)

Links appearing in your UBmail are scanned and made safer to click.

How it works

safe links.

As new email comes in, any links or URLs (web addresses) in the email are scanned and rewritten to be safer. This protects you from accidentally clicking on malicious code that could harm your computer or steal your personal information.

Decode a Safe Link

Paste a Safe Links URL below:
Decoded URL:

Common questions

Is it always safe to click on a Safe Link?

While Safe Links make clicking on most links in your UBmail safer, there’s still some risk. You should continue exercising caution when clicking on links in email. Learn more about recognizing a phishing attempt.

Why am I receiving emails with links that are long and ugly?

The message may have been sent in plain text. Most modern email (including Exchange Online) uses HTML-formatted text.

How can I get a nicer-looking link to copy and paste?

Use any one of the following tips:

  • Click the link. On the new page, copy the URL (web address) from the browser’s address bar.
  • Use the Safe Links decoder at
  • Ask the email sender to turn on HTML formatting

Is there a way to request a URL be whitelisted?

UBIT is reviewing the policy and configuration around Safe Links whitelisting.

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