Microsoft Quarantine

Microsoft Quarantine places undesirable messages, such as potential spam, viruses and deceptive messages (phishing), into a secure, personal quarantine where you can review the message, then release it to your inbox or block the sender. 

About Microsoft Quarantine

Known malicious addresses are blocked automatically. Messages held in quarantine include messages that have an extremely high probability of being spam or phishing.  

  • If messages are quarantined, you will receive an email from the UBIT Help Center that notifies you about newly quarantined emails once a day.
  • Messages are held in quarantine for up to 30 days pending your review:
    • Release them to your inbox if they were misidentified and placed in Microsoft Quarantine.
    • If they are spam or phishing, you do not need to take any action 
    • After 30 days, all messages that you do not release from quarantine are automatically deleted and cannot be recovered

First Contact Safety Tips

Have you ever noticed a message at the start of an email saying, “You don't often get email from []. Learn why this is important”?

This helpful alert is provided by Microsoft to make you aware of emails from new senders. It's a safety feature to keep you on your toes about potential spam or phishing attempts. If you know and trust the sender, feel free to ignore this message.

Please note that this safety feature cannot be turned off. However, if you want to stop seeing this alert for emails from certain senders, simply add them to your 'Safe Senders' list or your contacts in Outlook.

  • Safety tips appear on an individual basis for some messages sent from an email outside of to your UB email
  • Safety tips should not display for emails sent from a address to a address
  • Microsoft does not provide the algorithm of how they determine when a safety tip will display or stop displaying
  • Adding the individuals to your contact list may help in not receiving the safety tip 

Common Questions

Will I receive a quarantine email every day?

If Microsoft does not block or find any spam messages for your Inbox, you will not receive a quarantine email notification. 

What happens to messages in quarantine after the expiration date?

Messages in quarantine are automatically removed after the expiration date. 

What happens if I open an email that includes a link to a malicious web site?

If you attempt to open the link, you will receive a notification that the website was classified as malicious. Exit the page in order to stay safe.

How does Microsoft Quarantine determine what goes into quarantine?

Microsoft Quarantine ensures that high confidence spam is put in quarantine: UB’s email system looks at what comes into the university and how it’s treated (i.e. is the message usually opened or deleted?)

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.