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A Financial Wellness Coach can help you reduce financial stress and promote positive financial behaviors while sharing on- and off-campus resources that promote your financial well-being.

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What is Financial Wellness Coaching?

Our Financial Wellness Program helps students reduce financial stress, improve financial management skills, and learn more about their money and personal finance through one-on-one coaching and interactive workshops. This program is for all students, regardless of socio-economic status and whether or not you are experiencing financial hardship. We want to provide the best coaching and resources available to help all students. Everyone should have the opportunity to talk about money and what it means to them.

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UB Money Wise Tips

Create a budget

Know what you make, what you spend, what you owe, and what you have left over each month.

Plan a regular money hour

Spending time with your money regularly can help you improve your financial behaviors.

Make the most of campus resources

Financial aid advisement, local discounts from your UB ID card, student emergency funds, and more.

Save a portion of what you earn

Automate saving a certain amount of your income (at least 10%) for a personal emergency fund, financial goals, etc. 

Use credit wisely and avoid debt

Be careful when spending borrowed money, understand the impact of interest, and pay off debt with a plan.

Set clear financial goals

Make your financial goals S.M.A.R.T. and build confidence through small wins.

Seek guidance and support

Schedule an appointment with our Financial Wellness Coach to learn more and act on your goals.

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