Counseling Services Training

If you’re studying social work, psychology or mental health counseling, our training programs can help you reach your goals.

Doctoral Internship Masters Internship Advanced/Externship

Advanced Practicum and Externship Training

Gain practical experience providing individual counseling, conducting workshops, and working with counseling professionals through Counseling Services.

Advanced Practicum Externship
For graduate students who are currently enrolled at UB, typically in counseling or clinical psychology programs. For graduate students who are enrolled at other universities, typically in mental health counseling, clinical psychology and counseling psychology programs

What to Expect

Each student’s experience in this program is unique, depending on his or her skills, goals and caseload. Here are some of the typical activities you may engage in throughout the year.

  • Individual counseling: You will carry a caseload of approximately 7-9 clients. Presenting concerns range from developmental issues to severe psychopathology.
  • Needs assessments: Following training in our initial assessment procedures during the beginning of the fall semester, you will be scheduled for one or two needs assessment appointments per week.
  • Group counseling: There is the possibility of either process-observing a group and/or co-leading a group with a staff member. Supervision of group counseling will also be provided.
  • Group supervision (practicum/extern seminar): Each week you will meet for approximately 1-2 hours with the other externs and advanced practicum students and the practicum coordinator for group supervision and seminars.
  • Individual supervision: You will meet with an individual supervisor for one hour of supervision each week.
  • Workshops: You will co-lead (with other trainees and/or staff) 2-3 workshops per semester of your placement. Workshops are offered during the day, as well as on weekends and evenings.
  • Paperwork and Case Management: Time is built into your schedule for paperwork and preparations. It is essential that your paperwork be kept up to date at all times.

Your Time Commitment

You will be expected to be here approximately 16-20 hours per week for both the fall and spring semesters of the academic year for which you are accepted. Your time will be devoted to a variety of activities — some recurring, and some occurring only once or twice, depending on the needs of Counseling Services and the requirements of your training.

Before fall semester

You will be required to attend orientation training the week before the fall semester begins.

During the academic year

You will be required to be here only when classes are in session. This placement ends at the end of finals week, but you are expected to terminate with all clients before then, to leave time for paperwork and final supervision issues.

Following are the approximate time allocations. These are subject to change, based on your specific program. After you are accepted into the program, please talk with your practicum coordinator about opportunities for a more individualized program.

Type of Work

Hours per Week
I. Clinical Services

Individual Counseling

7 - 9
Needs Assessments 2
Group Counseling 2
Paperwork & Case Management 2 - 3
II. Outreach Activities
Workshop Presentations (2+ per semester)
III. Supervision and Meetings

Individual Supervision

Group Supervision (Practicum Seminar) 1.5
                                                            Total 16-20

Apply for Practicum / Externship Placement

To apply for this placement, complete the application, and follow the instructions on the application for submitting it to Counseling Services. Qualified applicants will be interviewed, and selections will be made and notified accordingly within a reasonable time frame.

Applications must be submitted by March 11, 2022.

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