Mail and Package Delivery

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At UB you can send and receive mail and packages just like you do at home. Every residence hall and most apartments have a mail and package center conveniently located on site. 

Information for Students Living On Campus

In response to the Governors announcements related to the Coronavirus. Campus Living had consolidated mail service across campus, with a single location on North Campus and one on South Campus.

For students and staff staying on campus, we will continue to offer limited mail services. United States mail will be delivered once a week and third party vendors (UPS, Fed Ex, etc.) will be processed daily as packages are received.

How Do I Get My Mail

North Campus - except Flickinger Court

If you are living in a residential area on north campus (except Flickinger Court), please address your mail as follows:

Your full name
Your room number and room space (e.g. 220A Red Jacket Quadrangle)
Buffalo, New York 14261

North campus mail & packages can be picked up in the Ellicott Mailroom, located at 161 Academic Center, near the Blake Academic Success Center.

This office is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday. The easiest way to get to the Ellicott mailroom is to take the stampede to Ellicott, walk to the end of the tunnel and walk in one of the last doors on the right. Look for the sign that says "Ellicott Mail and Package Center." If you are driving, please park in the Wilkeson parking lot and walk in the exit of the tunnel. The entrance to the package room will be on your left.

Flickinger Court

If you are living in Flickinger Court, your mail is delivered directly by the United States Postal Service. Please address your mail as follows:

Your full name
Your apartment number (example – 002J Flickinger Court)
Amherst, New York 14228

Flat letter mailboxes are available on site at Flickinger Court for delivery. The Community building is not open to receive packages, so any large deliveries must be picked up at the Amherst Post office. Students who are unable to get to the post office, or wish to pick up their mail on-campus at the Ellicott Mailroom may address their mail in the following manner:

Your full name and apartment number
Ellicott Mail & Package Center
161 Millard Fillmore Complex
Buffalo, New York 14261

South Campus

Students and staff who are located on south campus should address mail as follows:

Your full name and the name of the building you are living in (Clement or Goodyear)
Goodyear Area Office
119 Goodyear Hall
Buffalo, New York 14214


If you have questions about a specific mail/package delivery, including inquires about forwarding, please fill out the mail/package inquiry form.

Fowarding Your Mail

As you prepare to move out of your on-campus residence, please make sure to update your mailing address in the HUB Student Center (via MyUB).

Rules and regulations about package forwarding are made by the individual vendor. For information on package forwarding after move out, please contact the agent that delivered your package