Be Green

students planting tree.

Students who live on campus are expected to be responsible stewards of the natural environment by promoting environmental awareness, taking personal action and thinking globally. We encourage you to become aware of your energy use and practice conservation—every little bit helps. Here are a few ways that you can be "green" in your everyday life on campus. 

On this page:

Room Comfort

  • Open window shades and blinds during the day to let in natural light and warmth
  • Close window shades and blinds at night to keep out drafts and cold air
  • Set your thermostat to seasonal levels and utilize fresh air whenever possible (keeping your thermostat set warmer than necessary is a waste of energy and money)
  • Turn your heat down when you go to sleep and when leaving your room (most people sleep better cold than hot)
  • Avoid blocking heat sources with items such as furniture
  • When it's nice outside, try opening windows and doors to increase ventilation (this will also help air circulate better)

Computers, Electronics & Lights

  • Turn off lights when a room is unoccupied
  • Open window shades and blinds to utilize natural light
  • Replace all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) or LEDs
  • Unplug chargers when not in use
  • Set all computers and monitor settings regarding sleep mode and power mode usage to increase energy efficiency (it is recommended to have these items turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity)
  • Turn all computers completely off at the end of each day
  • Unplug electronics and power strips when leaving over the weekend or breaks
  • Buy ENERGY STAR qualified equipment and appliances

Tips for Living Green Everyday

  • Bring a reusable water bottle or mug to refill rather than purchasing plastic bottles
  • Conserve water by shortening shower times
  • Don't waste running water at sinks when you're washing your hands or brushing your teeth
  • If possible, use microwaves instead of ovens
  • Wash full loads of laundry and use cold water selections when washing clothes
  • Before drying clothes, make sure lint traps are clean and clear
  • Purchase environmentally friendly cleaning products
  • Print using the double-sided feature
  • Use Craigslist to unload your old stuff