Mail and Package Delivery

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At UB you have mail and package services right on-campus. Every residence hall and apartment complex has a mail and package center conveniently located on site for you to mail flat letters, receive USPS letters and/or pick up packages. 

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If you have questions about a specific mail/package delivery, including inquires about forwarding, please fill out the mail/package inquiry form.

Mail and Package Procedures Effective 8/24/2022

Your Mailing Address

If you are living in a residential area on campus, you should address your mail as follows:

Your full name (first and last)
Your room number, bed space and building
Buffalo, New York
Zip Code +4 (found in the chart below)

EXAMPLE (do not use this exact address)
Victor E. Bull
123B Fargo Quadrangle
Buffalo, New York 14261-0050

Find Your Zip Code

BuildingZip Code + 4
Clement Hall14214-8008
Clinton Hall14261-0056
Creekside Village14261-0055
Dewey Hall14261-0057
Evans Quad14261-0051
Fargo Quad14261-0050
Flickinger Court14228-3365
Flint Village14261-0090
Goodyear Hall14214-8002
Greiner Hall14261-0065
Hadley Village14261-0030
Lehman Hall14261-0058
Red Jacket Quad14261-0052
Richmond Quad14261-0053
Roosevelt Hall14261-0059
South Lake Village14261-0060
Spaulding Quad14261-0054
Wilkeson Quad14261-0055
Outgoing Packages

To mail your packages, visit the UPS store, located over at the UB Commons on North Campus.

Mailroom Locations and Details

Each residential area on north campus has its own mail/delivery area.  Those locations, along with hours of operation are indicated below:

North Campus

South Campus

Location: Goodyear Area Office – 119 Goodyear Hall
Phone: 716-829-3144
Coverage Area: Goodyear & Clement Hall
Package Delivery Hours:
Monday-Friday     CLOSED
Saturday-Sunday  CLOSED

Forwarding Your Mail

As you prepare to move out of your on-campus residence, please make sure to update your mailing address in the HUB Student Center (via MyUB).

If you do not complete your mail forwarding information, any USPS flat mail sent to your on-campus residence may be returned to sender or forwarded to the permanent address you have on file with the university.

Rules and regulations about package forwarding are made by the individual vendor. For information on package forwarding after move out, please contact the agent that delivered your package.

Flickinger Court students are also encouraged to complete a mail forwarding card with the United States Postal Service (

Delivery Delays

Due to increased safety measures in response to COVID-19, there may be longer delays in mail and package delivery.  Although you may get notification by a third party vendor that your package has been delivered, it still may take Campus Living several additional days to process your package. Students should only pick up their package after being notified by Campus Living that their package is available for pick-up.