SOUL Certificate Program

Student Organizations Understanding Leadership. Grow your network. Develop your leadership skills. Learn how to be an effective student leader.

About the Certificate

Are you currently leading or looking to lead an organization now or in the future? The SOUL Certificate Program gives participants the knowledge and skillset to effectively bring together groups of people with a common interest towards a positive goal. We utilize a dual focused approach that lets students develop strategies to reach organizational goals while also motivating individuals within groups to successfully meet these goals. Using the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) competencies as a guide, this program will give you the lifelong tools to effectively lead others.

Get Started

Schedule an advising appointment with one of our Student Engagement Ambassadors to learn more about how to get started and what it takes to complete this certificate.

Certificate Requirements

The first step in obtaining the UB Experience certificate is to have a one-on-one meeting with a Student Engagement Ambassador (SEA) who will work with you on finding 4 NACE Competency areas for you to improve on.

Please complete two activities in each of the 4 NACE Competency areas you have decided to develop. Once completed, please write a two-page paper answering the reflection question(s). Reflections will be completed through a form on UBLinked.

NACE Competency Areas

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