Transition Specialists

Helping new students navigate the transition to college. 

Resource Overview

As a new student, your transition to life at UB might bring new challenges for you to navigate in an unfamiliar environment. When you're not sure where to start, Transition Specialists are great option. Connect with these caring professionals for additional coaching, connection or referral to important resources at UB or skill-building for college success. 

Meet the Specialists

Chrissy Daniel

Chrissy Daniel.

My first year of college started with many goals and few plans. I soon realized it would take some work on my part to figure out how to accomplish what mattered to me, like: making new friends, finding a major I love, and how to “do” college. I changed my major early on, reluctantly went to a residence hall program and made connections that lasted through college (thanks, RA Lindsay!), and found the experience I wanted outside the classroom through clubs and campus jobs. I look forward to connecting with you to help you make UB your new home.

Matt Ardila-Weigand

Matt Ardila-Weigand.

My first year of college started with a few hesitant and uncomfortable weeks, until I realized that my experience was going to be as good (or as bad) as I made it. While it's different for everybody, for me that meant trying out a few student clubs, talking to my advisor about undergraduate research opportunities, and learning as much as possible from the classes I enjoyed the most.  I can’t wait to meet you and talk about what you’re hoping for out of your time at UB — and how we can help make sure you achieve that.

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