RENEW Seed Grants

What: Grants up to $35,000 in direct costs for projects of one year or less

For: Interdisciplinary projects in areas: Next-generation materials for energy, environment & water; Freshwater coastal ecosystems and blue economy; Environmental exposures, genomes and health; Sustainable urban environments; and Climate change and socio-economic impacts

Who: RENEW affiliated faculty

Due: Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017, by 5 PM

Send to:

RENEW seed grants

The institute’s overarching goal is to advance energy, water and environmental sustainability as a foundation for a regenerative economy.  We will accomplish this via research and education in focus areas of:

  • Next-Generation Materials for Energy, Environment & Water; 
  • Sustainable Urban Environments;
  • Freshwater Coastal Ecosystems and Blue Economy; 
  • Environmental Exposures, Genomes and Health; and 
  • Climate Change & Socio-Economic Impacts.  

These cut across the areas of energy, environment & water. Further details on RENEW focus areas can be found on the RENEW website. We seek proposals in topics related to all RENEW focus areas. A description of previously funded RENEW seed projects can also be found on the RENEW website.

Submission deadline: 5 PM, Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2017

Submit via email in a single PDF to RENEW offices at