Ralph C. Wilson Foundation

President Tripathi and Vice President Govindaraju are encouraging faculty members to consider the extraordinary funding opportunity for the university to partner with the Ralph C. Wilson Foundation.

As announced in early October 2016, the foundation is looking for projects "to leverage good work already underway in Western New York…to disrupt the cycle of need immediately and lay the groundwork for change that lasts.”

On this page:

Focus Areas

A. Children and Youth

The foundation is looking for opportunities beyond K-12 education to provide more pathways to success. Focus on strengthening young minds and bodies with early childhood initiatives, sports and youth development programs, and after school programs.

B. Young Adults and Working Class Families

Often weighed down by heavy demands and limited resources, working class families and young adults can often miss out on career opportunities. The foundation will invest in skills training and education that can lead to pathways to good paying jobs and increased independence.

C. Caregiving

The role of caregiver can be demanding and overwhelming. The foundation supports and honors those who care for others – whether paid or voluntarily – through efforts that provide needed skills, resources, education and respite. Early opportunities will focus primarily on those caring for older adults and seniors.

D. Healthy Communities

A thriving community starts with the well-being of its people. The foundation will seek opportunities to support: community design and access to space, and programs that support healthy living; improving non-profit productivity and innovation; and economic development levers that spur regional growth, innovation and equity.

Application Information

It's a three-step process.

  1. Contact UB Corporate and Foundation Relations to express interest.
  2. Write a Letter of Inquiry (LOI) that briefly describe the proposed program and how it would serve Western New York and/or Southeast Michigan communities.
  3. Foundation members will select the most promising LOIs and ask those investigators for full applications.

To facilitate the process, all interested faculty members should first contact Don Elick, assistant vice president for Corporate and Foundation Relations at cfr@devmail.buffalo.edu.

Don can provide you and your faculty with additional information regarding this opportunity and can also provide assistance with developing letters of inquiry and subsequently with proposals.