Tips for Staying Safe

Police on duty at UB.

UB is committed to providing all members of its campus community with a safe, friendly and welcoming environment to live, learn, work and visit.

Be Safe in Your New Home

Whether you live in the residence halls or apartment complexes, you can help create a safe and secure environment. Here are a few guidelines to follow. We also encourage you to visit the University Police website for more helpful advice.

Never Prop Open Residence Hall or Apartment Doors or Allow Strangers to Enter the Building

  • Swipe card systems are there for your protection.
  • A UB ID Card is required to gain access to all residence halls and most apartment complexes.
  • Visitors should use the courtesy phones provided at entryways.

Keep Your Room & Apartment Locked

  • Even if you’re going next door to a friend’s room, always grab your keys and lock the door.
  • If your room has additional doors and windows, always be sure they are closed and locked as well.

Protect Your Personal Property

  • Never leave items like your backpack, laptop or cellphone unattended, even if it’s just for a minute. Make it a habit to take these valuables with you.
  • Keep purses close to your body or otherwise not visible.
  • Recent thefts involve suspects asking to use your phone or asking for money for gas, then grabbing your phone.
  • University Police offers Operation ID, which lets you protect your valuables with a permanent ID number that is accessible by police departments nationwide. Contact University Police for details.

Don’t Walk Alone or Go Places by Yourself

  • Take advantage of the university's transportation or the safety escort services. Otherwise, walk with friends or classmates.
  • Never go to laundry rooms alone late at night.
  • Pick up any emergency blue light phone to be immediately connected to University Police. View emergency blue light phone locations.

Lock & Register Your Bike

  • Bikes with locks are less likely to be stolen.
  • For optimum security, lock both the front of the bike and frame to the bike rack. University Police can advise you on a sturdy lock.
  • Register your bike with UB, which helps improve the likelihood of recovery if stolen

Don’t Leave Valuables in Your Car

  • Park your car in a well-lit area and keep it locked at all times.
  • Don’t leave valuables in your car where they can be easily seen—lock them in your trunk.
  • Take items like GPS devices, removable stereo faceplates, computers and electronics with you.
  • Make sure your windows are up and the doors are locked.
  • Apply a security device or set the alarm.
Reporting Emergencies

Call University Police at 716-645-2222. If you live in Flickinger Court Apartments or off campus, call 911.