Working in Residential Life

Residential Ed Staff.

Campus Living recognizes that on-campus living is a natural and integral part of a student's educational experience. We work to create an environment conducive to both casual and formal community learning and interaction. 

In choosing to work for UB's Campus Living, you will find a dynamic environment that encourages professional growth.

Campus Living is the largest self-sufficient unit in UB's Division of Student Life; we have our own human resources, budget, IT, custodial and building services staff who work tirelessly to make the experience of living at UB a great one. 

Find out what you could expect in a typical week as one of our live in staff members. 

Student interaction is a vital part of all live-in professional staff positions.  Many staff say their most positive experiences come from training and supporting their paraprofessional staff or advising residential student governments.  Being an advisor to the hall or village council includes an executive board meeting and a general board meeting each week.