Getting Access to Systems and Data

Learn about how to receive authorization to use UB business applications.  Read the descriptions and consult with your supervisor, Dean’s Office, or Vice-President’s office to identify which applications may be most beneficial in performing your job duties.

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Purpose: For state, UBF and RF online purchases up to $4,999 from custom web portals with FedEx, Fisher Scientific, and VWR.

Authorization: eProcurement Registration form

Learn More: eProcurement Program

Procurement Cards

Purpose: For state purchases up to $4,999, and UBF and RF purchases up to $2,500.

Authorization: State PCard ApplicationRF PCard ApplicationUBF Credit Card Application

Learn More: Procurement Card Programs

eRequisition (eReq) System

Purpose: For state and RF purchases for any dollar amount. Any faculty and staff can create eReqs, but prior authorization is required to be an approver for State accounts. Principal Investigators can request delegation of authority for others to approve expenses

Authorization: State Financial Data Access and Cost Approver formResearch Foundation Request to Delegate Approval Authority form

Learn More: eReq System

ShopBlue e-Procurement System

Purpose: ShopBlue is a fully integrated eProcurement system allowing authorized UB faculty and staff to place orders for necessary goods and services. ShopBlue is available for state, RF, and UBF purchases for any dollar amount.

Authorization: ShopBlue can be used by anyone with a valid UB appointment who needs to make a purchase for work. UBITName and password is required.

Learn More: ShopBlue e-Procurement System


SIRI is a web-based business intelligence system. It is UB's single authoritative source for financial, HR, research, student, enrollment and facilities data. The information is provided to you through the use of dashboards.  

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Procurement-Related SIRI Dashboards
Dashboard Scope Description Audience
Procurement Operational This dashboard includes eReq, inventory, procurement and payment data used for day to day operations. Departmental personnel responsible for procurement related transactions. 
Purchasing Strategic This dashboard contains strategic information for future planning. It includes supplier, commodity and department analysis Strategic Users of SIRI (Use SIRI to make Financial and Procurement decisions)

RF Report Center

The RF Report center is an analytical tool allowing you to view data from the RF business system.  RF Report Center provides reports through dashboards.

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Request access to the RF Report center by following the below two steps:

Access RF Report Center

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