Visual and Performing Arts

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Hazards in the art world can be present in sculpting, painting, wood/metal work, in front of or behind the stage.

Safety in Art Studios

There are many types of hazards associated with the arts and crafts, including:

  • Physical accidents
  • Fire
  • Exposure to dangerous chemicals used often on a daily basis

Of these, chemical hazards are probably the least known. Effects of chemical hazards can include:

  • Lead poisoning in potters
  • Solvent overexposure in printmakers and painters
  • Sulfur dioxide gas exposure in potters
  • Accidents related to special effects and electrical work in theater personnel
  • Hearing loss and tendonitis in musicians

Hazards in Visual Arts include:

  • Heat and metal fumes - Metals and welding
  • Pigments and solvents – Painting
  • Dust and liquids – Sculpting
  • Organic hazards - Painters and graphic artists
  • Ergonomic Hazards
  • Electrical Hazards

Hazards in Performing Arts include:

  • Physical hazards (falls, trips) from stage, scaffolding, ladders, set construction
  • Electrical Hazards

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