New phone? Transfer Duo from your old phone

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Published April 24, 2024

You’re getting an upgrade, but you used your old phone for Duo two-step verification. What happens now?


No phone lasts forever, so even if you’re not planning on an upgrade, read on to learn how you can transition your Duo account seamlessly to a new device when the time comes.  

Help! I already traded in my old phone!

If you've already traded in your old phone, follow these steps to recover your Duo account. Once you do, the first thing you should do is add any new or additional devices you have to Duo, and generate backup passcodes in case of emergency.

If you run into problems recovering your account, contact the UBIT Help Center right away by phone at 716-645-3542 during phone support business hours, or by visiting our Silverman Library (Capen) 3rd floor service desk.

What to do before you upgrade

Enroll multiple devices

Most people at UB use the Duo Mobile smartphone app for their second step, because it’s free and easy, and can generate passcodes in addition to sending you push notifications. 

But you can use other devices for your second step too, including USB security keys and more. See a full list of eligible two-step options.

Generate backup passcodes

Did you know you can generate 10 passcodes to print and use with Duo any time? Just go to, click Manage Account and then Generate Passcodes.

If you haven’t done this yet, generate passcodes right now. It only takes a second, and guarantees you will be able to access your account, even if you trade in your only Duo device or it gets lost, broken or stolen.

If you still have your old phone

If you’ve upgraded to a new phone, but kept the old one—don’t wipe it yet! If your old phone was your only way to use Duo with your UBITName account, you’ll likely need it to transition your new phone to Duo.

Follow the instructions for enrolling a new phone—there are easy options for both iOS and Android.

Need help with your UBITName account?

For help with your UBITName account, contact the UBIT Help Center at or 716-645-3542, or stop by the  UBIT Help Center walk-up location on the 3rd floor of Silverman (Capen) Library.