Using Passcodes - Duo Two-Step Verification

You can generate one-time use passcodes using either the Duo Mobile App or the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager. These passcodes can be stored for later use, and used to provide two-step verification when logging into a protected UB service.

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Why use passcodes?

If you cannot access your previously enrolled devices for any reason, generating and keeping a list of passcodes can be a lifesaver. You can use passcodes to:

  • Log into the Duo Two-Step Manager and enroll a new device to use Duo with 
  • Continue to log into protected UB services until you have a chance to enroll a new device, or can contact the UBIT Help Center

Remember to keep your list of passcodes somewhere safe, that only you have access to!

Generating passcodes

METHOD 1: Generate passcodes with the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager

  1. Visit the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager
  2. Click Generate Passcodes
  3. Provide your UBITName and password and two-step verification if necessary
  4. Print or write down your 10 passcodes

Notes about passcodes from the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager:

  • Passcodes generated on the Duo Two-Step Manager are one-time use
  • Printed passcodes from the Duo Two-Step Manager can be used in any order
  • You may generate and print only 10 passcodes at a time; generating another additional 10 passcodes invalidates any previous passcodes that were not used.

METHOD 2: Generate passcodes in the Duo Mobile App

  1. On your device, launch the Duo Mobile App
  2. Tap University at Buffalo
  3. A passcode is displayed (write it down for future use)
  4. If desired, tap the refresh icon to generate another passcode (write it down for future use)

Notes about passcodes from the Duo Mobile app:

  • Passcodes generated from the Duo Mobile app must be used in the order they were created. Using them out of order invalidates any previously generated passcodes
  • You can generate and write down as many passcodes from the Duo Mobile app as you want
  • There is a possibility that if passcodes generated by the Duo Mobile app are used out of order it may take one or two unused passcodes before Duo will authenticate

Logging in with a passcode

  1. When prompted for two-step verification, click or tap Enter a Passcode
  2. Enter the passcode
  3. Click or tap Log In

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