International Traveling - Duo Two-Step Verification

You can use Duo when traveling internationally, unless you are traveling to a U.S. embargoed country, even without Wi-Fi or cellular service. 

Method 1: Use Duo Mobile while you travel

The Duo Mobile app on your mobile phone or tablet can create passcodes for you to use offline.

  1. Launch the Duo Mobile App on your device
  2. If necessary, tap University at Buffalo
  3. A six-digit passcode appears. Write it down or keep your mobile phone open
  4. Log into your Duo-protected device
  5. Choose Enter a passcode
  6. Enter the six-digit passcode you generated from the app

Method 2: Generate passcodes prior to travel

You may also use the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager to generate passcodes.

  1. Log into the Duo Two-Step Verification Manager 
  2. Provide two-step verification as prompted
  3. Click Generate passcodes link
  4. Click the Generate passcodes button
  5. Print out or write down the passcodes for future use
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