Using Duo with a New Smartphone

Got a new phone? There are a few different ways to continue using it with Duo Mobile. 

NOTE: If possible, we recommend you keep your old phone while you set up your new phone, print passcodes ahead of time, or have at least one additional enrolled device.

If you have an iOS device with iCloud Keychain enabled on your Duo Mobile accounts:

Perform an Instant Restore:

  1. Restore your new iPhone from an iCloud backup, iTunes backup, or transfer data from your old device. Note: Do not choose “Setup as New iPhone”
  2. Ensure iCloud Keychain is enabled on the new iPhone (see instructions from Apple)
  3. Open Duo Mobile. You should be prompted to connect your accounts
  4. You will see your account list as it appeared on you old iPhone. Your accounts have now been transferred to the new device and authentications should continue to work as before.

If you previously backed up your Duo Mobile accounts:

Duo Restore will require a Duo verification through either your old phone, a passcode, or another enrolled device. 

If you have another device enrolled, OR your old phone, OR two or more passcodes:

Follow the instructions for Adding Another Device.

Still need help?

Contact the UBIT Help Center.