Duo Two-Step Verification

UB has introduced a powerful new tool to help protect your UBITName: Duo Two-Step Verification. Learn how to enable and manage this extra layer of security on your account by "enrolling" one or more personal devices. 

What is "two-step verification"?

Two-step verification is the new standard for account security on the Internet. It pairs something you know (your UBITName and password) with something you have (like a smartphone or a security key) to provide secure access to your UB services.

Diagram demonstrating that Two-Step Verification involves combining something you know (your UBITName and password) with something you have (like a cellphone or security token) to provide secure access to your services.

Affected UB services

Note: this is a partial list.

  • MyUB 
  • UBlearns
  • UBmail (Google) 
  • UBbox 
  • University Libraries My Account
  • Concur 
  • Panopto
  • SUNY employee portal 

Common questions

What kind of information does the Duo Mobile app collect?

Will Duo Mobile work with older devices?

When using the Duo Mobile app I get a message, "We have detected some security issues with your device that require your attention." What should I do?

The Duo app helps keep you safe by suggesting you always have the latest and most secure software installed on your device. If you're in the middle of logging into a UB service, you may dismiss the message by selecting Fix Later. At a more convenient time, return to the app to see its recommendations for addressing the issue(s).

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