Using a Smartphone with the Duo Mobile App installed


(Recommended) Use the Duo Mobile app on your smartphone.

How to enroll a smartphone

For instructions on installing Duo on your smartphone, see Enrolling in Duo.

How to use

Once you have the Duo app installed on your smartphone, you may verify your login through a number of options. Duo will use whichever authentication method you used last by default. 

  • Push notification - Open the push notification on your smartphone, and tap Approve to log in.* 
  • Previously generated passcode - Enter the passcode, and then click Log In (see Generating Passcodes for more).
  • Passcodes via text message (Faculty and staff only) - Click Text me new codes, and receive a text message that includes a passcode. Enter your passcode on the login page, and click Log In
  • Phone call (Faculty and staff only) - Answer the call on your phone, and press 1 to log in. 

Duo will use whichever authentication method you used last by default. To choose a different method, click Other options.

* Requires Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Duo Mobile Push uses a minimal amount of mobile data—less than 2 KB per authentication.

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