Using a Security Key with Duo

HyperFIDO Titanium Fido 2, Security Key by Yubico, or Thetis Fido Security Key with Type C Adapter.

The HyperFIDO Titanium Fido 2, Security Key by Yubico, and Thetis Fido  Security Key with Type C Adapter.

Learn about using your own security key with Duo and USB devices. (Not for use with UB's VPNs.)



  • For mobile devices, use the Duo Mobile app instead of a security key
  • Security keys work best in laptop and desktop computers
  • Do not use NFC or Bluetooth devices
  • The type of security key you get depends on where you may use it (e.g., usb-A is the widest available, but each person should determine their own need)


U2F is being phased out of support.

Your secure key can utilize both ‘webauthn and u2f’ for your Duo 2step verification.  Your key will continue to work, but if you use Chrome you must select it from the Duo device drop-down list and select the Use secure key button to proceed.  If you do not use Chrome or already select your key from the drop down list, you will not notice any change.

In our testing, we found the following security keys to work best:

Also tested:

How to add a security key

To enroll your first device, see Enrolling in Duo. To enroll additional devices, see Adding Another Device.

How to use

  • When you log in and are prompted for two-step verification, make sure your security key is connected, and press the button.
  • Security keys cannot be used with UB's VPNs.

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