Duo Two-Step Verification

UB has introduced a powerful tool to help protect your UBITName: Duo Two-Step Verification. Learn how to enable and manage this extra layer of security on your account by "enrolling" one or more personal devices. 

What is "two-step verification"?

Two-step verification is the standard for account security on the Internet. It pairs something you know (your UBITName and password) with something you have (like a smartphone or a security key) to provide secure access to your UB services.

Diagram demonstrating that Two-Step Verification involves combining something you know (your UBITName and password) with something you have (like a cellphone or security token) to provide secure access to your services.

Affected UB services

Note: this is a partial list.

  • MyUB 
  • UB Learns
  • UBmail
  • UBbox 
  • University Libraries My Account
  • Concur 
  • Panopto
  • Microsoft 365
  • SUNY employee HR portal (includes Time and Attendance)
  • Zoom

Common questions

Does everyone at UB need to use Duo?

What kind of information does the Duo Mobile app collect?

Will Duo Mobile work with older devices?

When using the Duo Mobile app I get a message, "We have detected some security issues with your device that require your attention." What should I do?

The Duo app helps keep you safe by suggesting you always have the latest and most secure software installed on your device. If you're in the middle of logging into a UB service, you may dismiss the message by selecting Fix Later. At a more convenient time, return to the app to see its recommendations for addressing the issue(s).

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