Virtual Leadership Academy

Student in a royal blue sweatshirt sits at a half-round booth studying on their laptop in Greiner Hall.

Elevate your leadership skills. Network with and learn from experts in the field. Build professional relationships with other student leaders at UBuffalo. Together, we lead.

About Virtual Leadership Academy

Intentionally designed to engage students in conversations about leadership skills, strategies, and theories, Virtual Leadership Academy will help you discover who you are as a leader and develop your full leadership potential. We'll host modules on UBLearns coupled with suggested programs and events that allow you to take a deep dive into what it means to be a leader and how you can leverage these skills to stand out from the crowd.

Big Changes Ahead!

As of December 1, we are temporarily closing registration as we make some technical adjustments and prepare for some new experiences! We hope you are ready for a reimagined program that seamlessly blends foundational leadership principles with advanced strategies for unparalleled growth. From mastering self-awareness to navigating complex organizational dynamics, our upcoming updates promise to be both challenging and rewarding. Stay tuned for more information about when registration will be open again!

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