Upcoming Health Insurance Changes for Domestic Students

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Published November 2, 2023

Beginning Fall 2024, domestic students will no longer have a mandate to carry health insurance and the University will not offer a domestic health insurance plan. Certain groups of students will still need to meet a requirement. 

Over the past several years the landscape of student health insurance has significantly changed. At UB, we have experienced a consistent decline in participants for the UB domestic health insurance plan, coupled with the rising costs and the availability of a robust health insurance marketplace.

As a result of these ongoing challenges, we commissioned a small working group to evaluate and make recommendations to address the ongoing viability of our UB sponsored domestic health insurance plan moving forward.

After a comprehensive review, the advisory group recognized the growing challenges facing the continuation of the insurance plan. Based on their research, we have chosen to discontinue the domestic health insurance plan offered by the university to our students beginning in the fall 2024 semester. Additionally, we will no longer mandate health insurance for domestic students attending the University at Buffalo. Health insurance will remain mandatory for international students/scholars, students participating in study abroad programming and intercollegiate athletes.

The university does, however, highly recommend that all students carry health insurance to meet any unexpected expenses created by unplanned injury, illness or hospitalization which could cause financial difficulties.

Low cost, quality health insurance is available through the New York State of Health Individual Marketplace for those students in need of a new health insurance plan. Navigators (or In-Person Assistors) can provide personal enrollment assistance to students who would like help applying for health insurance through the New York State of Health Individual Marketplace. To learn more, visit https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov or call 1-855-355-5777.

It is recommended that as students evaluate health insurance plans, they ensure plans provide the following coverage:

  • Adequate health insurance coverage for non-emergency medical care
  • Local provider/services access in the Western New York area (i.e., outpatient specialty care)
  • Emergency room coverage
  • Coverage for labs, testing, Physical Therapy
  • Prescription medication coverage

Students needing assistance can consult with staff in the UB Student Health Insurance office, located in 1Capen.

Given the broader availability of cost-effective health insurance options available through the Marketplace, we are confident that the discontinuation of this service should not negatively impact the wellbeing of our student community which is always at the forefront of our decision-making process.

Do you need help paying for health insurance?

Health insurance plans are available through the New York State of Health Individual Marketplace for those students in need of a new health insurance plan. Qualification for Medicaid, Child Health Plus, the Essential Plan, or a Qualified Health Plan is determined through the Marketplace application. It is the only place to get financial assistance provided by the federal government to lower the cost of your health coverage.

By selecting “Get Started” and completing your zip code, you are able to compare available plans by geographic area, and filter by specific characteristics such as metal level and insurance carrier. Please note this search feature provides estimated premium costs if you use the “Estimate Financial Help” feature. If you enter your income into this feature, an estimated monthly premium subsidy will be calculated for you.  

Your actual financial assistance will be calculated once you apply. To complete the application process, you need to create an account on the NYS Marketplace, and provide your personal information. Plan to provide your income, if you want help paying for health coverage.

To learn more, visit https://nystateofhealth.ny.gov or call 1-855-355-5777 for personal assistance via telephone consultation.

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