UBLinked: Clubs, Organizations and Events

A student club performs at International Fiesta.

Use UBLinked to get involved, track involvement and participation on campus and even create a co-curricular transcript of your involvement.

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What Can You Do in UBLinked?

Students Student Organizations Faculty and Staff
  • Join a club
  • Learn more about student organizations
  • Register for upcoming events and programs
  • Check in at events
  • Track your involvement hours
  • Get contact information for offices that organize events

UBITName and password required

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You can browse organizations and upcoming events in UBLinked via the main navigation menu. Browsing does not require a log in. However, some organizations and transactional activities in UBLinked do require you to log in using your UBITName and password.

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UBLinked Help Center

You’ll find step-by-step videos, an online support center and other helpful resources through the UBLinked support page.

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Join an Organization

To join an organization through UBLinked:

  1. Visit UBLinked (requires UBIT name and password)
  2. Search organizations or groups you want to be a member of, and click the Join Organization button
  3. On the Organization page, look under Forms to find program applications and registration information

Track Service Hours and Participation

  1. Go to UBLinked and log in using your UBIT login and password
  2. Select the Involvement link under your name
  3. Select the Service Hours tab
  4. Click the Add Service Hours button (you must be a member of organizations for these hours to appear as an option)
  5. When you submit your service hours, use “Student Engagement” as your organization unless you are completing your service hours for your Torch Certificate (in which case list the “Torch Program” as your organization)

Do not input the same volunteer opportunity into the UBLinked system more than once.

If you submit hours through another organization, we are able to identify those hours and can count them toward your total service hours tracked.

Co-Curricular Transcripts

See all of your activities, all in one place. With UBLinked, it’s easy to create and build a Co-Curricular Transcript, which shows the organizations you’ve joined, leadership positions you’ve held, and programs you’ve attended.

A Co-Curricular Transcript will help you:

  • Officially document your campus involvement
  • Apply for internships, jobs, and graduate and professional school
  • Apply for campus programs (e.g., Teaching Assistant, Resident Advisor)
  • Organize your extracurricular experiences, so you can share them on a resume or in an interview
  • Provide information to professors or administrators who are writing letters of recommendation.

Use the UBLinked App (Corq)

screen shot of phone.

Find events happening on campus with Corq — the mobile app for UBLinked.

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