Connecting Classroom Education to Successful Careers

Hayden Harter, U B Center for the Arts.

When Hayden Harter earned an on-campus job as a stagehand and master electrician for UB’s Center for the Arts (CFA), he had no idea the influence the position would have on his studies or the impressive people he would meet along the way.

Collaborating with Professionals

During the course of his four years working in the CFA, Hayden met many full-time professionals in the theatre and sound business through the variety of productions UB hosts on campus. “I asked a lot of questions along the way. I feel comfortable working in the industry and communicating with professionals now that I’ve graduated,” Hayden says.

“Seeing an idea come to fruition on stage makes it all worth it. Everything you've worked towards is on display for people to see.”

Finding Value in the Classroom

Because his on-campus employment directly correlated to his major, Hayden found nearly everything he was learning in the classroom applicable to his position at the CFA. “The content my professors shared in class and what I was doing at work were one in the same. It was awesome to be able to use what I learned and apply it right away,” says Hayden.

Learning to Lead

During big productions like Spring Fest, Hayden often had to rely on other people or delegate tasks to make everything run smoothly. “On days like that, you are sometimes thrown into other positions, so it’s imperative that you know what’s going on,” says Hayden. “It’s cool to see it all come together in the end and know you played a significant role in such a successful production.” 

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