Helping His Peers Succeed

brian brown the second.

Brian Brown II has met many students struggling with their major, especially after a hard semester. Some students simply don’t know what to do.

Building Confidence

Working with students one-on-one, Brian and his fellow Career Design Center Peer Advisors help students discover their strengths and find their true calling.

“It’s common for freshmen, sophomores and even juniors to not know what they want to do,” explains Brian. Part of his job as a Peer Advisor is to help guide students through every step of the job search process, from networking and interview tips through salary negotiations. Peer Advisors also present to organizations around campus, and help organize job fairs and workshops for students. “The internet has a lot of resources,” explains Brian, “but sometimes it’s too much and too overwhelming.

Students don’t know where to start. I feel like we help simplify that process. We give you a starting point.” That’s one reason why thousands of UB students take advantage of the Career Design Center. “We help students realize their potential, and discover where they can go in this world,” says Brian. “We help them focus on their strengths, so they can be the best in their field.”

But perhaps the most valuable thing that Brian and other Peer Advisors do is help their fellow students believe in themselves. “Usually when students come in they’re in a rush. They just want to know what we do.” Once Brian begins working with students, “you can see that they become more confident, and more aware of where they’re going. Even a simple resume review can help them gain confidence.”

Finding His Own Path

While the Career Design Center has given Brian the opportunity to help other students, it has also played a key role in helping him shape his own future. When Brian started at UB, he planned on going into information technology (IT). He even did two summer internships in the field, and was planning to be an IT manager someday. But working closely with the professionals at the Career Design Center made him realize that he really wanted to be a lawyer. “That’s where my strengths and my full potential are,” says Brian, who is now excited to start law school. Having gone through the process of finding his perfect career, Brian can relate firsthand to students. “The most important thing I’ve learned is to pick a field where you’ll be happy,” he explains. “That’s where you’ll achieve real fulfillment.”

The Career Design Center is where students can realize their career potential, and ensure fulfillment in their lives.”

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