Download UB Logos, Marks and Graphics

Having determined exactly where your unit fits into our brand identity architecture, you can download a high-resolution file of the appropriate lockup, as well as our graphic elements and the “Here is how” mark.

Terms of Use

Terms of Use:

By downloading the University at Buffalo’s logo files, you are agreeing to the following:

1. You are authorized to access and use the university’s trademarks for non-commercial purposes.

2. You will comply with all posted policies, including our Trademark and Licensing Policy. We may suspend or deny access to these files if you fail to comply with our posted trademark policies.

3. You will not permit any unauthorized copying, use or distribution of the logos.

4. You acknowledge that UB retains all rights, title and interest in and to all trademarks, service marks, graphics and logos. The logos contained in the download files are owned by UB and are protected by United States law. UB does not grant any express or implied right of ownership of UB’s trademarks under this agreement.

UB hereby grants to you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sub-licensable use of our logo files for university-approved use only. Use by third parties is granted only for promotional product fulfillment and does not imply a license is granted. Any misuse of this agreement may result in termination of your authorization to access and use UB’s trademarks as well as in legal action.

University Communications is responsible for creating and managing all of UB’s lockups. Always use the provided artwork without modification. Do not add, remove or adjust text, or alter the elements in any way.
You can review rules for usage here, and contact University Communications with questions.

Review this file format tip sheet to help you select the right files for use in your project.






UB Master Brand Logos and Lockups

  • Primary Lockup
  • Secondary Lockup
  • Horizontal Lockup
  • Stacked Lockup
  • Includes all color profiles and sizes
UB Master Lockup Download

UB Master Brand Logos and Lockups with SUNY modifier

  • Primary Lockup
  • Secondary Lockup
  • Horizontal Lockup
  • Stacked Lockup
  • Single Line Lockup
  • Includes all color profiles and sizes
UB Master Lockup with SUNY Modifier Download

UB Secondary Academic Mark—Crest

  • UB Crest 
UB Crest

Interlocking UB

  • Variations on the Interlocking UB
Interlocking UB

UB Spirit Mark

  • Variations on Spirit Mark
UB Spirit Marks Download

Unit Lockups - Brand Extensions

  • Brand Extensions
Unit Lockup
  • Sub-Brand
Unit Lockup

Graphic Elements: Bullets

  • Letters
  • Numbers
Graphic Elements: Bullets

Graphic Elements: Social Media Icons

  • Includes icons for print and digital use
social Media Icons

Graphic Elements: Patterns

  • Three levels of complexity, from simple to busy.
Graphic Elements: Patterns

Creative: Here is How

  • Here is How
  • I Am How


Graphic Elements: Here is How

Smoke-free Policy Graphic

  • Smoke-free icon


Smoke-free policy graphic