Trademarks and Licensing

UB Trademarks and Licensing manages the proper use of the University at Buffalo’s name, logos and signature marks to protect the integrity of the university’s identity, brand and reputation. All employees and students, as well as outside vendors, must work with our representatives to create branded apparel and other merchandise with any UB lockup, mark or name.

The standards and guidance outlined within this site apply university-wide to all business practices.

The use of any mark on merchandise requires express written approval from UB Trademarks and Licensing. Review the appropriate process for obtaining approval and understand how to work with licensed and unlicensed vendors.

All vendors must have an official trademark license, which provides greater visibility and access to more promotional opportunities within the institution. Please review all guidelines listed on becoming a licensed vendor and submitting designs through the licensing website.

UB trademarks are governed under strict campus policies and industry rules to protect official collegiate marks.