University Logo and Marks

The UB academic brand uses several important marks, including our logo. Each has a specific role in representing the university.

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University Brand Marks

Primary Academic Mark.

Primary Academic Mark (Logo)

Our primary mark represents the breadth and quality of the university’s academics. This is the university’s logo and most recognizable mark. It must be presented in its original format, never altered or manipulated, in all communications. It can also never appear on its own or separated from any official university lockups without a secondary reference. Furthermore, the interlocking UB cannot be used in conjunction with another word or graphic to create a new mark. See more information on proper usage and clear space.

UB Crest.

Secondary Academic Mark (Crest)

The crest is a supporting graphic that can be used in university communications that emphasize heritage or have a more traditional, historic or formal visual identity. This mark is particularly appropriate for use in international markets. It should be used as a graphic element, and always in association with the formal academic name, but never locked up.

These are the only marks that are approved for use in academic and administrative communications materials. Other marks are used in athletics and licensing contexts.

University Communications is responsible for approving any and all usage of university trademarks in promotional instances and must be consulted prior to ordering.

Master Brand Lockups

The university as a whole can be represented using these two powerful master brand lockups: the University Lockup and the University Lockup with SUNY Modifier

These are the only two approved options for representing the university as a whole using a logo. Based on communications goals, objectives and intended audience, either can be used as the lead lockup. (See below)


Our lockup with the interlocking UB is the primary identifier for the university, connecting all entities within our institution. It’s a symbol of what we stand for, and should always be used in accordance with these guidelines.

The University Lockup is made up of two elements:

University Lockup Versions

Primary Lockup

Primary University Lockup.

Secondary Lockup

Secondary University Lockup.

Horizontal Lockup

Horizontal University Lockup.

Stacked Lockup

Stacked University Lockup.

This lockup is appropriate for communications intended for audiences that are familiar with the University at Buffalo. When using this lockup as the lead on a communication, the system-supported lockup with The State University of New York modifier may be included as well (such as on the back cover or in a footer). In an effort to build on the awareness and equity of the system, a reference to The State University of New York name on the communication is encouraged. 


This lockup reinforces UB’s connection to, and the equity of, the State University of New York (SUNY) system.

The SUNY-modified lockup is made up of three elements:

University Lockup with SUNY Modifier Versions

Primary Lockup

Primary System-Supported Lockup.

Secondary Lockup

Secondary System-Supported Lockup.

Horizontal Lockup

Horizontal System-Supported Lockup.

Single Line Lockup

Single Line System-Supported Lockup.

Stacked Lockup

Stacked System-Supported Lockup.

This lockup reinforces the equity of The State University of New York (SUNY) system. It is appropriate for communications intended for audiences outside of the university or to new audiences who may have more familiarity with the New York State system name. For student recruitment (especially international) and other external communications for new audiences, this lockup is recommended.


Neither the university name nor any institutional marks may be locked up or combined with any other design element or type to create new logos or marks. Specifically:

  • It is not permissible to separate the trademarked interlocking UB from the official lockup system and pair it with another graphical or text element. 
  • It is not permissible to pair any of the following with a graphical or text element:
    • The university crest
    • The spirit mark (specific applications are granted to UB Athletics, using separate standards)
    • Institutional legacy trademarks (e.g., the previous Buffalo Bulls athletics mark)

DON'T use the spirit mark, university crest or interlocking UB to replace a letter within a word.

Clear space rules must be observed for all protected elements.

Additional naming guidance further restricts the use of our informal academic name, UB, in programs, titles, copy, etc.

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