Pole banner with the 175 mark.

Celebratory Marks

In celebration of a historic milestone for your school or unit (e.g., 50th anniversary of a school's founding), University Communications can create a unique mark to use in your communications for a limited time.

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Duration of Use

The unit can determine an appropriate timeline for usage. However, the mark must be decommissioned by the sixth month after the end of the year in which the milestone or event is being observed by the unit. For example, the university’s 175th anniversary was observed through calendar year 2021, and all associated celebratory marks were decommissioned June 30, 2022.


The unit will receive one mark, which will be flexible enough to use in a wide variety of communications materials. No other orientations or versions may be created. Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not lock these marks up with unit lockups or other identity elements.
  • Observe extended clear space rules for all applications (see below).
  • No other orientations or changes to these marks are permitted.
  • Taglines should not be used in association with anniversary/celebratory marks.
  • Usage of these marks on all merchandise should follow the normal trademarks review and approvals process.
  • The celebratory mark is the only element that may be used in conjunction with a lockup.

Sizing and Clear Space

There should be a minimum clear space equal to or greater than the height of three interlocking UBs around the entire perimeter of the celebratory graphic.

Digital Letterhead

Due to the limited usage duration of these marks, we strongly discourage printing stationery such as business cards, letterhead, memo pads, etc.

Instead, please use anniversary marks on digital letterhead, which significantly reduces environmental impact and paper waste.  

Text Descriptor

A functional descriptor of the anniversary may accompany the celebratory mark in printed and digital stationery only. For example, “The 50th anniversary of the University at Buffalo Division of University Communications.” This descriptor, or other alternative statements, should not appear in any other communications or context.


Merchandise Examples

Print Examples