Athletics Brand Identity

UB’s qualities and values are reflected in our overall brand identity, which offers full flexibility to represent the UB Bulls teams. An iconic set of logos, marks, colors and typography provides the building blocks to tell the Bulls’ story and shape the perception of our Division I Mid-American Conference teams. When implemented consistently, the guidelines here allow our partners to work with these design elements to achieve a powerful, cohesive effect across communication channels and mediums.

The assets and guidance within this section are strictly limited to UB Athletics use. They should not be used in any other administrative or academic context.

  • Logos and Marks
    UB’s teams represent our highest-profile brand expression. Here’s how we put our horns up consistently.
  • Color and Typography
    Consistent use of these colors and typefaces will contribute to the cohesive look of the UB Athletics brand identity across all relevant media.
  • Slogans and Phrases
    It’s important that all communications reinforce the enthusiasm and pride for UB Athletics using proper supporting phrases.