Slogans and Phrases

It’s important that all communications reinforce enthusiasm and pride for UB Athletics using proper supporting phrases.

Official Slogan

New York’s Public Powerhouse

“New York’s Public Powerhouse” signifies UB’s status as an AAU member and the largest public university in the state. A more conversational reference to our program, it can be used by game announcers and on merchandise, digital graphics and more. It should never appear on its own and should always be used with the university name, Bulls or Buffalo Bulls.

Spirited Phrases

A variety of other phrases can be used on merchandise, digital graphics, scripts, game announcements, broadcasts and more.

  • Horns Up!
  • Go Bulls!
  • More Cowbell!

Social Media Hashtags

The following hashtags can be used to show pride and engagement with the university and its teams across social media channels.

  • #UBuffalo
  • #Good2BeBlue
  • #UBHornsUp