Color and Typography

Consistent use of the colors and typefaces below will contribute to the cohesive look of the UB Athletics brand across media.

Color Palette

UB Blue, Hayes Hall White, Townsend Gray and Bulls Black serve as the UB Athletics brand colors for print, electronic and environmental applications. No values other than those listed on this page should be used. Tints and shades of these colors are not permitted.

Primary Color Palette.

UB Blue

CMYK: 100/53/0/0
PMS: 2935
RGB: 0/91/187
HEX: #005bbb 

Putnam Gray.

Townsend Gray

CMYK: 30/22/17/57
PMS: Cool Gray 9
RGB: 102/102/102
HEX: #666666

Primary Color Palette.

Hayes Hall White

CMYK: 0/0/0/0
PMS: White
RGB: 255/255/255

Bulls Black.

Bulls Black

CMYK: 60/40/40/100
PMS: Black 6
RGB: 0/0/0
HEX: #000000


The primary typeface for the UB Athletics brand is Antenna. It is reserved exclusively for the Division of Athletics.

Antenna was selected to complement our custom logotypes and create consistency throughout all communications. It is part of a family that offers a range of weights, providing great versatility and legibility in print and electronic applications. This type family may be used for headlines and body copy in UB Athletics marketing materials and supporting text, such as specific sport marks, event tickets and brochures.

Additionally, UB Athletics may use the Sofia type family for improved legibility in smaller applications, such as body copy and captions.


Character of the typeface Antenna.


A custom numerical system was developed for team jerseys. It comes in two styles: solid and stroked.


Solid numerical system.


Stroked numerical system.