Spirit Mark

Our spirit mark is the most informal of our brand assets, created to evoke a sense of energy, pride, drive and action. It’s ideally suited to represent the hard-driving, competitive nature of UB Athletics, but is available for use across the entire university community to reflect spirit, pride and the student experience.


Standard (One-Color)

Spirit Mark - One-Color Version.

UB Blue on a transparent background

Stroked (Two-Color)

Spirit Mark - Two-Color Version.

UB Blue and Hayes Hall White on a transparent background


Spirit Mark - Outlined Version.

UB Blue on a transparent background

No alterations or additions.

Use of any other bull or buffalo images is not allowed. Previous versions of the bull are also not permitted for use in any context.

This mark should never be used alone or in place of any academic mark. A secondary reference to the university or our teams must always be present.

No elements of the spirit mark should be altered or removed, including cut-out areas such as the eyes and brows. Adding other graphical or textual elements to form a new mark is also not permitted.

Use the small-scale version for applications 1.25 inches and smaller.

Always follow proper clear space rules when using this mark.


  • Maintain the proportion, order and spacing shown in all applications.
  • Include the registered trademark symbol (®). 


  • Alter the mark in any way. This includes changing the color, size or format, as well as adding visual effects such as shadowing, 3D treatments, etc.
  • Incorporate other graphical or text elements to form a new mark.
  • Reproduce the mark over or under another design, type, patterned background or photographic element.