Brand Identity Objectives

The primary objective of the brand identity development process is to create a strong, comprehensive system of visual identity and application, clarify the university’s nomenclature, and help standardize the application of the brand identity across the university.

The strategic goals of the brand nomenclature system are to provide guidance for implementation and consistent delivery, through which we will:
  • Create a comprehensive nomenclature system that is consistent, with a prominent UB brand mark that is distinct
  • Build awareness of the University at Buffalo
  • Build momentum and visibility for the University at Buffalo name
  • Boldly establish our position as a powerful, cohesive university
  • Elevate the university’s presence, prominence and recognition
  • Provide a hierarchy, clarity and documentation around the logo for all entities
  • Decrease the fragmentation of usage across UB
  • Create rules that are more instructive and better defined, yet easy to adopt
  • Provide guidance and a rationale that will encourage adoption